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10 Ways To Step Up Your Game

If you’re looking for ways to look great, look no further than your clothing and accessories. A lot of men don’t get the attention they crave simply because they don’t look great, at all. You want to stand out in a crowd? Want women to notice you? Or do you really just want to step up your game?

If you answer yes to all of these questions, then read on to discover cool tips that could totally transform your appearance in public.

1 – Rock Some Denim

Our very first tip to step up your game has to be a denim shirt—no kidding. There is more than one way to rock a denim shirt. You could wear a denim shirt casually with all the buttons unhooked. You could button it all up or minimally bare your chest—it’s all about the man cleavage. Try also rolling up the sleeves. In fact, denim is so popular and attractive because they can be styled in so many unique ways. Think about it, if it got too hot, you could not only roll up your sleeves, you could tie it around your waist. As simple as that, a denim shirt or jacket kills it every single time.


Just don’t overdo it and go all 70s all denim head to toe. Nope, no bueno.


Our personal suggestions:

Levi’s Men’s Standard Barstow Denim Western

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Men’s Signature Trucker Jacket

2 – Slim-fit Jeans

The second best tip to step up your game is some slim-fit jeans. Throw away your baggy jeans people, it’s not the 80s. Almost everyone wears slim-fit clothing. The same applies to your jeans, get them slim-fitted. They look absolutely great on any kind of shoes, corporate or casual. You could rock slim-fitted jeans on anything from brogues to sneakers. What’s really great about slim fit jeans is the fact that they aren’t too skinny or baggy—they are fitted right. They help define your legs and bring out the beauty in your height. So if you’re really big on wearing comfortable clothes while looking good at the same time, wear some slim-fit jeans.

Bonus Tips: Don’t wash your jeans too often; only do so when they start to stink. And feel free to tailor your pants, nothing looks better than something specially tailored to your body. #dapper


Our personal suggestions:

Levi’s Men’s 512 Slim Taper Fit Jean, Sharkley

J.Crew Mercantile Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Jeans

3 – Wear Some Shades

Remember Johnny Bravo? Yeah, he always looked good on shades, didn’t he? You could too if you tried them. If you really mean business about looking better instantaneously, wearing shades is the fastest way to achieve that.

But you really shouldn’t just wear any cheap shades you find at a thrift shop. You’ll need to wear something slick with apparent high-quality spring hinges and gradients. Seriously though, shades are great.

4 – Get A Pair Of Boots

You’ve got to love boots. They come in different textures, shapes, and fit. To mention a few, we’ve got military-grade boots and Chelsea boots. Why are boots so great? Well, because they stand out. Every guy out there must-have sneakers and trainers that they wear regularly. And how many of these guys are confident enough to wear boots; not enough.

That’s where boots come in.

Boots help you stand out from the crowd instantly. Not only do they make you taller by some inches, but they also give you a macho look, which is a super turn on for the ladies. To say it simply: boots make you feel badass! They’re also super comfortable to wear, with the zippers, soles and all.

5 – Shorten Your Sleeves

If you’ve been wearing really bland short sleeves that almost elbow length, you need to stop today—now. Shorter sleeves are an absolute turn on for ladies. Why, because a shorter sleeve helps show and expose those sexy triceps of yours. You can never go wrong with a shorter-sleeved shirt.

Short sleeves are sexy wherever you wear them to. You can wear it when you go for a jog or a walk to the park or to a nightclub or bar. Remember though, you have to keep those arms ripped, or what’s the point?

6 – Wear A Pair Of Clean White Sneakers

We talked about denim shirts and slim-fit jeans earlier. Well, try combining these outfits with a pair of clean white sneakers. Looks great, doesn’t it? How about you ditch the denim and put on a white shirt with a nice jacket over it to match your white sneakers? There isn’t any better way to look sexy and classic at the same time.

7 – Try Out Some Leather Jackets

Timeless, truly timeless. Leather jackets aren’t for the kindhearted, my friends. That’s a joke. But seriously, leather jackets aren’t cute, they’re simply badass. Ladies love a man in leather jackets. A leather jacket’s overall appearance alone is eye-catching. Women are sure to have a peek at you should you walk past them.

What’s more, leather jackets come in different styles. Some have zippers and other buttons. Some have a ton of pockets, others may not. However, differently designed leather jackets are, nothing beats the sweet supple texture that they carry. Go smell a real leather jacket today (no, not in public) you’ll understand what I’m saying.

8 – Wear A Watch

If you truly want to step up your game and look good, then you need to wear watches. Nothing identifies you like a classic man better than a very nice wristwatch. In a general sense, and this has been proven statistically, men who are better dressed are more sexually attractive to women, and may appear more competent and smarter. The easiest way to drastically improve your style would be to wear a classic male-fashion wristwatch. By having a wristwatch on, you are subconsciously letting women know that you put some serious thought into your outfit. Wear a wristwatch today, every day for the rest of your life.

If you want to wear some stylish, elegant, and classy watches then head over here for our top recommendation.

9 – Let Your Hands Sparkle With Rings. Man Rings, That Is…

You don’t have to be engaged or married to put on a ring on those manly fingers of yours. In every part of the world, rings are a solid fashion statement. It’s also a pretty easy way to step up your game as a man.

Unlike other accessories, rings tell a lot about a person. If you’re the ostentatious type, then wearing a few rings across both hands is a good way to stand out. If you’re more of a reserved type, one ring on one finger could be the perfect fashion item to gloss up your whole outfit.

10 – Wear Bracelets

Bracelets have eye-catching designs. Why, because they can be designed in ways unimaginable. More often than not, men think that bracelets are accessories for women. What they don’t know is that bracelets are great improvements on outfits. They are lighter than wristwatches yet more fashionable. You can never go wrong with wearing a nice set of bracelets on your hand.


Our personal suggestions:

Hamoery Men 8mm Couple Beads Bracelet Elastic Natural Stone Yoga Bracelet Bangle

Geoffrey Beene Men’s Braided Genuine Leather Bracelet with Stainless Steel Magnetic Closure

Wood Beaded Bracelet for Men Buddhist Beads Elastic


Well, there you have it. Now go out there and look badass!

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