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8 Grooming Tips For Men

Have you wondered why some men look like they were born fresh; clear skin, hair on fleek, or why their attire is on point? Well, it’s not because they were born dapper or that they are better men than you. It’s simply because they know great grooming tips that you don’t.

In other words, you’re just grooming yourself wrong.

Like it or not, good grooming and styling is essential to creating a sophisticated gentlemen appearance. Now, we know what you’re thinking. “I’m a man; I don’t put makeup on before I go to work. Neither do I engage in numerous skincare routines, that’s women stuff.” As a dude, you shouldn’t just exist and pound your chest, you should also make time and invest in your looks and appearance. It’s important to not only make a great first impression but to reinforce that manly confidence with some self-care.

This guide will show you the biggest grooming turn offs for women, how to avoid them and how to look better and more attractive. Here are 8 of the most important grooming tips for modern gentlemen:

1. Get Rid of Monster ‘Manbush’

The very first tip of the grooming tips for men is trim your pubes… please. It is not only an important tips among our list of grooming tips for men but it is also a matter of hygiene. Shun people who say being hairy ‘down there’ is manly. Women don’t see it that way. Having a totally enormous man bush is a huge turnoff. It’s okay to have hair on your pubes, but having Godzilla-type hairy pubes isn’t the way to go. Take the time to shave your man bush; it makes your pubes look bigger—seriously.

Another big turn off for the ladies is hairy balls. You don’t expect a lady to explore down below if she has to wade through a mammoth first. Nope, it has to tickle. What better way to get tickly balls than to shave them.

Seriously guys; trim your man bush and shave your balls.


2. Control Your Chest Hair

Also overlooked is that humongous lump of hair on your chest. We’re not saying chest hairs aren’t sexy, but does it really have to crawl out over your shirt? No, it doesn’t—your chest hair does not need to see daylight. Keep that thing in check. Grab a grooming tool like a clipper and shave off some of your chest hair.

You don’t have to shave all of your chest hair—to be honest, that’ll be weird and unnatural. While trimming your chest hair, you want it to still look pretty natural. So, we advise that you trim it down to a reasonable length where it doesn’t crawl out your shirt.

Check out Manscaped for amazing grooming products.


3. Remove Your Back Hair

Chest hair is cool, as long as it’s trimmed, but back hair, you don’t need that. What are you, a hairy monkey? A hairy back is kind of an abnormality. Although some people have back hair due to genetics or hormonal imbalances, hairy backs are still categorized in the section of men having breasts or women having excess facial hair—it’s just odd.

To be as attractive and clean as you can be, you need to shave your back hair. You can do that by using special designed back-razors or body, depilatory creams, waxing your back or laser hair removal. In most cases, the first 3 options will do the trick. Come on guys, shave that back hair; be sexy.


4. Fix That Possum Feet

Your women may forgive back hair, but she’ll always have nightmares about your possum feet. Do you know what a possum’s feet look like? Google it, you’ll be shocked at the pictures. Anyways, possum feet are something so many men have that they don’t even know they have. But why should any man be bothered about their feet; well, because she cares?

Want to keep your woman happy, you definitely need to keep your feet under control. To get nice feet, you first have to make sure they are not hard, crusty, and full of dead skin. To achieve this, we recommend that you exfoliate your feet at least once a week. Whenever you shower, grab a foot file and scrub hard at the callous parts of your feet. In time, your feet will look all nice and soft like hamster feet.

5. Don’t Have Nasty Nails

Another huge turn off for girls is nasty nails. No lady wants a pair of nasty looking hands pawing at her. If you’re the type to chew your fingernails down to the nubs, you need to sit yourself down and scorn yourself. Chew some gum instead; don’t chew your nails, please.

Your nails say a lot about your overall self-care habits. You should try your best to keep your fingernails in check. Trim your nails, file them if you can or have a manicure at the local spa. Sometimes, a simple rub of Vaseline on your nails can do the job.


6. Prevent Chin Flakes on Beards



Men with beards can testify to the regular occurrence of chin flakes hanging on their shirts. This is super gross and a massive turn off to women. You have to keep those chin flakes under check my brother. How do you achieve this?

First, you need a moisturizer that keeps your face nice, smooth and well hydrated. You want to make sure that your chosen moisturizer gets all the way down to your beard. Sometimes, a moisturizer isn’t enough and you’ll need a beard oil to massage your chin with. Combining moisturizers with beard oil is a great way to prevent chin dandruff.

7. Avoid Cracked Nasty Lips

Continuing on our list of grooming tips for men, your lips. No lady wants to kiss a man with cracked nasty lips—it’s a huge turnoff. If you’re plagued with cracked lips, you’re in luck, it’s an easy fix. Before you go to bed at night, grab some Vaseline and rub it across your lip. Trust us; you’ll wake up with super soft lips. It doesn’t stop there; use a lip balm to massage your lips with. It works wonders.


8. Rotate Colognes

A big turn off for women is to smell like one of her ex-boyfriends. This being said, you need to avoid commonly used fragrances. In fact, it’s best to have a range of colognes that you can use in rotation. There are so many amazing colognes available on the internet that cost under $50. You really don’t have to break the bank to smell nice.

Carry around a pocket spray that you can use on the go. These things are a lifesaver.  Check out our Top Colognes here!

We hope you have enjoyed our 8 grooming tips for men.


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