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Best Morning Rituals: Having An Awesome Day

So much, if not all, of having an awesome day depends on how you start it in the morning. A set of healthy morning rituals really does go a long way. But there are two things we highly recommend avoiding at the very start of your day. Avoid checking on your phone and avoid having a cup of Jamoke.

What is Jamoke? You ask. It is a term that combined the words Java and Mocha in the 1930s which is where the term “cup of Joe” originated from. So just avoid drinking coffee right away. We just thought you’d like a quick history lesson. You’re welcome. We will explain shortly but these are big no’s in the list of our best morning routines to have an awesome.

The reason we suggest avoiding checking your phone is that you spend an unnecessary amount of time checking it throughout the day already. Why spend more time on it and make it a priority at the start of your day? The more we are dependent on our phones, the less time we spend actually living. As for coffee, well is that because of our Circadian rhythm. It is our biological clock that releases cortisol and hormones that are connected to alertness. Drinking coffee will only replace that natural stimuli and will make you dependent on it to be alerted and function properly.

Having made the above disclaimer, let’s dive right into what goes into having an awesome day ahead.

Every Awesome Day Starts With The Night Before

How we feel mentally heavily relies on how our bodies feel. Yes, you guessed it. Sleep and rest are a vital part of feeling great and having a positive mindset throughout the day. We all have experienced it as men, we go out the night before and expect to go on a 20 miles hike the next day. Needless to say, your day will not start until noon when half of the day has already gone by.

We are not party poopers by any means. We love a good time and heavily emphasized the importance of having an abundant life. Which means having a healthy social life and always doing something exciting that aligns with your values.

But when it comes to setting a healthy morning routine to have an awesome day ahead, a good night rest the night before is critical.

While we can’t speak for other countries/cultures as we are an American brand, the average sleep length for Americans is about 6.5 hours. That is almost 2 hours less of the recommended 8 hours of sleep that our bodies require to recover and recharge. The reality is that more Americans than ever are heavily dependent on sleep-aids. Making it a multi-billion industry. This is mostly due to the high levels of stress and anxiety caused by modern society.

This includes our heavy dependence on Technology which is why we recommend avoiding your phone in the morning. At least for 1-2 hours when you wake up.

Tip: Invest in an alarm so you can place your phone in a different room. Set the alarm across the room so you are not tempted to continuously hit the snooze.

So what does “every awesome day starts with the night before”? Make giving your body enough and proper rest a top priority and a reality. We all dream of a good night’s sleep but never make it a reality. Make it a must rather than a should.

Set Today’s Mood Right Away

Now that you have allowed your body to have proper rest and you are fully recharged, set the mood for the day right away. Allow your mind to have quiet and peace at the very start of the day. Allow yourself to relax and feel light and start the day with a positive mindset. We have found that giving yourself a moment of quiet every morning will set the mood for the rest of the day. Have you wondered where the “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” came from? Well, then you know what we are saying.

We can’t emphasize this enough, the mindset you start the day with will determine your mood and quality of the rest of the day. As mentioned above, one of the rituals we personally use is to simply wake up, listen to your heart, feel the cold coming in your nose and the warm air coming out of it. Feel grateful for those things we all take for granted so often. Let that be your loved ones, your wife, your girlfriend, your pup, perhaps your job and a recent promotion, whatever it is, there are always things to be grateful for.

Find them, focus on them and appreciate them for being in your life.


Visualize The Day Ahead

Once a positive mindset is set right away, your mood will change accordingly and set the tone for the day. The next morning ritual we recommend is to start visualizing the day ahead. Now we know this can be a rather complex and in-depth concept. While our intent is not to explain in detail how visualization works we absolutely recommend this article to learn more. There is science behind it and not some mumbo-jumbo from aunt Galaxy.

If you are interested in free knowledge we recommend taking a look at The Higher Path Article. The effects of visualization have a noticeable change in our minds. And for us, men that success, happiness, and general wellness is an every growing goal, visualization has to become part of a set of morning rituals we embrace.


What we mean by visualize the day ahead is that science has proven that to our brains there is no difference to what we visualize vs our memories. Meaning it is but the same to our brains. Getting into a habit of visualizing having an amazing, productive, and awesome day at the start of the morning will reprogram the mind. More importantly, it will align your mindset with those things you are visualizing ultimately making them a reality. It is not magic and it will certainly won’t show up at your door the next day but making this into a habit will pay off in due time. Be patient and consistent.

Set Yourself Up for Productivity

This is the same as setting yourself up for success. Make sure you are taking proactive steps to be as effective with your time and tasks ahead. Some things we highly recommend for this ritual is to:

  • Get an early start – Now we know what you are probably thinking but waking up early will make a significant difference in how your day unfolds before you.
  • Plan ahead – It is important to have a clear vision of those to do things and you proactively plan how you will address them. Leaving “how” last minute might cost you time and a few hairs. And for us men, those are precious.
  • Build strong time management skills – No one is great at multi-tasking. That is a myth. Just like when you start a business you want to make sure you devote your full attention, focus, and energy to a specific task. Doing so will allow you to complete it properly and faster than assigning one task to your left hand and another task to your right. It is obviously important to make sure you have clear and realistic expectations of how much time you will approximately take.
  • Focus on only a few important tasks for the day – Do not put in your mouth more than you can chew. You will either choke, take longer, and you will certainly not enjoy it and half-ass the task. Outline, either mentally or written, what are those 3 important tasks that will make sure you like you had a productive day.

Rinse, Repeat And Enhance

We briefly mentioned it before but the importance of being patient and consistent when it comes to morning rituals is immense. Embracing those daily morning rituals are a vital part of a process focused on long-termed goals. Make sure you strongly adhere to and believe in those rituals. Some results will come right away, some will come soon, and some will take some time. It is also very important to understand that change does not come from predictability and comfort. Challenge = Change. It is that simple.

We all want a healthier and better life but rarely we want to go through the challenge and taking that first step. Well, this is it. Make healthy morning rituals as part of you as breathing. But more importantly, as you go through this process, see what works for you and how you can enhance your rituals to keep positively evolving.

Let us know what your thoughts are or if you have a set of morning rituals you’d like to share on the comments section below.



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