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Clothing For Short Men: How To Look Taller

Being short as a man may be daunting. In your mind, you may be thinking tall men have it all. They seem to get everything they want right? The most attractive women, the high paying jobs and of course, the attention. Unfortunately (fortunately for you), height has nothing to do with living a better life. However, specific clothing for short men is essential to boost confidence and highlight the best of your body.

We understand your insecurities. Most short men often wish they could grow taller and will do anything to gain an extra inch. We’ll tell you a secret: nothing can make you taller. Shun anyone who says they can help, they’re not being helpful.

The best way to feel secure about your height is to not look shorter in clothes. It’s funny how we go about our everyday lives without scrutinizing how we look in clothes. We know some clothing tips that can greatly improve your appearance. Say a long goodbye to shortness, you’re about to look a little bit taller.

Practice Proper Posture

Serious alliterations there, but we know the effects of standing and sitting properly. Funny thing is, not only the short me are doing this wrong. Tall me also fall guilty of this postural crime. Posture is vital because it defines your body language–we all know how important body language can be. The ability to sit and stand straight at all times gives the illusion of a taller height to a person.

By so saying, we recommend that whenever you sit, stand or walk, you raise your chest, keep your shoulders back and spine straight. This gives you the most natural look. You can practice proper posture in front of a mirror to get it right. Keep in mind that correct posture gives stronger bones, muscles and better operating nervous systems.

Avoid Baggy Clothes

Baggy clothes? What are we, in the 90s? Big, baggy and oversized clothes will only make you look smaller than you actually are. Think of a hobbit wearing elf clothes, exactly. It’s a funny look because it feels to onlookers like you’re wearing your dad’s clothes. Besides baggy clothes aren’t so fashionable anymore. Wearing them will not only make you look shorter than you actually are, but they will also make you look less stylish.

If you hope to attract women, you need to up your game. Roam through your wardrobe and eliminate any clothes that feel too loose for you. Afterward, get some formal or casual clothes are fitted to your body shape. Avoid baggy at all costs if you want to look taller.

Wear A Perfectly Sized Shirt

Shirts are tricky, they have a way of making you look a lot less like yourself. After all, they’re often the first piece of clothing anyone notices about you. Because shirts are so important to your overall outlook, you’ll need to wear only those that are ‘short enough.’ By this, we mean a shirt that stops just at the midpoint of your crotch. Any shirt that exceeds this point is too long for you. It’ll make you look broader and shorter.

A shorter shirt, however, exposes the true length of your legs. This helps to cement the illusion that your leg length translates to your overall height. In simple words, short shirts will make you look taller. Do well to replace the baggy shirts in your wardrobe with snug fitted short shirts. And that includes all sweaters, tees, polos, and long-sleeves–all shirts basically.


Wear Long-Sleeves Often

If you’re short, you most definitely have short limbs. Speaking of long-sleeves, these types of shirts are the only types that give the illusion of a taller height. You see, short-sleeve shirts expose your limbs and in so doing, give you a small appearance. By covering your short limbs, you look a lot less short making this a great fashion advice as far as clothing for short men go.

Any time you can, put on some long-sleeves. If it’s not too cold outside, you can roll your sleeves up to add more style. Rolled-up sleeves are attractive. There are however different ways to roll up your sleeves. If you have thin arms, roll them up at the elbows. If not, roll them up close to your wrists.

We’re not saying you should throw away all your short-sleeves. You can still wear them. However, do ensure that they are fitted perfectly so they show your biceps and triceps. Why, because baggy short-sleeve shirts will only make you look smaller than you already are.

Add An Inch Up Top: Keep Longer Hair

To look taller, keep your hair a few inches long. There are plenty of hairstyles that greatly improve your height appearance. We recommend that you trim the sides, all the while keeping the hair full at the top. That extra height on the top when complemented by the trimmed sides instantly adds a few inches to your overall body height. Imagine how tall you would look if you used gel to whip up a spiky hairstyle. Give it a try, would you?

For 2019 men’s hairtsyles, check this video out.


Wear Fitted Footwear

Last on our list of clothing for short men are fitter footwear. Bulky shoes are a no-no because they’ll only make you look shorter. To look taller, you’ll need a shoe that’s slim-fitted with an elongated toe box and a pointy taper. Also, whichever shoe you choose to wear, it should complement your trousers to give the illusion of longer legs. Shoes with extra height can also help you look taller.

Wear Accessories That Add to Height

At the end of the day, the little things matter the most. Accessories are a great way to make you look taller. For example, wearing a hat or a cap could give the illusion that you’re taller than you actually look. What’s more, hats are stylish. Glasses also give the impression of a taller height by making your face look longer. Skinny ties as well can make you look taller.

On the other hand, accessories to avoid would be belts because they draw people’s attention to your body’s middle section and not your overall frame. Bulky bags as well can make you look bloated at the waist and hip.


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