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Clothing Styles For Men That Girls Love

We know what you’re thinking, “I don’t need to impress anyone”. And to be honest, that is the right mindset. First and foremost, you should look badass for yourself. Everything else is a byproduct of the confidence your appearance will inevitably give you. It’s psychology 101. Wear a suit and walk around, let us know how you feel. Probably very important. Having said that, here the focus is to look great and appeal to the female senses based on our research, all the while dressing in the most badass way possible. So what are some clothes styles for men that girls love? You ask. 

Here are some ideas.

Tailored Suit

This is by far a shortcut to looking classy. A tailored suit is our number 1 go-to when it comes to anything really. A business meeting, a job interview, even a date depending on where you are going. In fact, you don’t have to show skin at all to appease the female senses. Wearing a custom-fitted tailored suit can really impress the ladies, especially one that creates wedding fantasies in their minds. And guess what, they don’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are many impressive tailors out there that make very fantastic custom made suits. You really don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a suit—I mean, what happens if it doesn’t fit as well? Exactly; so why not hire a tailor and let him do his magic. Remember, it’s all about staying classy.

A Nice Fitted T-shirt

In other words, we could call this perfect tee shirt. Why does it merit such a name? Well, it’s because a nice fitted T-shirt is a shirt that has a snug fit. It brings out the structure of a man’s torso and is seamless from top to bottom. This, gentlemen, is the shirt you should be wearing. The perfect t-shirt isn’t a hard thing to find. You should, however, look for t-shirts that have short sleeves; i.e. short sleeves that show enough of your arms. Ladies go nut for triceps. So if there is any way possible to show the greater part of your muscular arm, then you should go for it. 

In simple words, get a nice fitted Tee shirt. 

Rolled Up Buttoned Down Shirts

Believe it or not, it drives women crazy when they can see a guy’s forearms. To be honest, who can blame them? A buttoned-down shirt with rolled-up sleeves looks casual and cool. It gives a nice vibe to the wearer, as he appears more confident and competent. What’s great about this fashion style is that you don’t even need to make tailor adjustments to your shirts. You can casually roll up your sleeves neatly and embrace the adoration of ladies at no cost.

It all about those arms the ladies can feel safe in. Think about it.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer shorts are great when you wear them at home with no one around. However, if you want to bed that lucky lady, you may need to opt for boxer briefs. Why, because they are arguably the sexiest underwear on the market. Not only are they snug, but they are also very comfortable to wear. Wearing boxer briefs are like wearing fitted t-shirts. Make sure you invest in high-quality boxer briefs. Remember, they will not only make a difference in your life, but they will also blow ‘her’ mind. 

Flannel Shirts

You have to love flannel shirts. Flannels, in general, are soft light woolen fabric clothing that is cozy and fitted. Not only are they great fashion choices for men, but flannel shirts are also super soft and super comfortable. So if you hope to impress the ladies, why not rock a flannel shirt? You could easily float around in them. They’re that comfortable. 

Fitted Henley Shirt

Henley shirts are collarless pullover shirts that have a placket underneath a round neckline. Think of a Henley shirt as a collarless polo shirt. Yeah, it’s that cool. Wearing a close-fitted Henley shirt is the easiest way to bring out the shape of your upper body muscles. If you’re the type who hits the gym regularly, a fitted Henley shirt lets you flex your muscles without showing any skin at all. It isn’t uncommon for ladies to drool when they see a man in fitted Henley shirts. These shirts are simply irresistible. If you hope to get the girls with minimal effort, try out a Henley shirt—a close-fitted one. 

Leather Jacket

To be honest, we should have mentioned the leather jacket sooner but we did publish an article earlier on it, read it here. It doesn’t get better than this. A leather jacket is perhaps the only male clothing that allows men to look badass and cool at the same time. That being said, there are various forms of leather jackets out on the market. A typical leather jacket is bound to be expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t panic, you can still get a very affordable leather jacket. In fact, many synthetic or leather-like jackets look just as great as the original. Whichever you choose to rock out in the field, rest assured, you’ve made a good fashion choice. Welcome to the world of women-magnetism (this isn’t a real word). 

Black Slim Fit Jeans

Don’t get us wrong, blue jeans are great but they don’t compare to black jeans. Well, blue jeans are kind of, sort of, commonplace really—black jeans, not so much. Anyways, black jeans that are well fitted and snug, in a sense are the perfect clothing item to impress the ladies with. They give you a sort of confidence that you would only find in a badass person. Which is basically the point; ladies love men who look badass.

Lightweight Cardigans

Men wearing cardigans are a major turn on for ladies. There’s something unique about wearing a cardigan that no other type of shirt can produce. Not only do they feel snug and comfortable, but they also catch the attention of women. If you choose to wear a cardigan, make sure it’s lightweight, simply designed and nicely colored. Ladies just love cardigans—oh, they might steal them from you. Hide them in your closet. 

White Sneakers And Boots

Wearing a white sneaker is totally eye-catching. It’s the same with boots. However, each has its purpose. You can easily wear a white sneaker in the springtime, but can you wear them during the fall or winter season; absolutely not. In these latter seasons, it would make a lot of sense to opt for boots. They turn on ladies in ways unimaginable. Again, they might steal them from you.

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