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Summer is here and with travel restrictions slowly being lifted, that means travel is in the air. Get it? Clever, right? While you might not be the lucky one or might be, your friends or family might have upcoming vacations that were previously canceled due to Covid-19. Or even better, people had enough of being in lockdown and want to get out there and explore. Some of them might be frequent travelers and what better way to show your love for them than taking their love for traveling as an incentive to buy them a gift. Now if they are frequent travelers, they probably have it all so it can’t be tough choice what to buy them. Well, don’t let it bother you none. These gift ideas for a traveler will show you many innovative gift ideas for a traveler.

The best travel gifts are those that actually help travelers settle down at their destination. In today’s world, there are tons of gadgets that improve every area of our lives. These gadgets are responsible for making our lives easier, at home or on the move. They create more time in a day for us by getting boring tasks out of the way within minutes.

The world of travel can greatly benefit from these gadgets. With each passing day, new and innovative travel items are created which ease the stress of traveling. We can say today that traveling has never been a more fun experience than it currently is. Think about it, from smart suitcases that have more room to solar power banks that keep our phones charged, there is always a gadget out there than can be of great benefit to travelers.

So what travel gadget does your traveler friend truly need? Well, we have options. But first, have a look at the top 5 gift ideas on our guide. These gadgets may just be what improve your friend or family’s travel experience.

5 Best Gadget Gifts to Give a Traveler

1) Instax Mini Camera

Nothing beats a camera as a travel gift from someone special. The idea is that the traveler will want to capture special moments on their trip. The Instax mini camera is our recommended camera for travel. It is basically the new version of a Polaroid camera. The Instax mini has a credit-card-sized integral daylight ISO 800 color film designed by Fujifilm, a well-revered Japanese multinational photography and imaging company. All Instax mini compatible cameras have this portable film.

This is a must-have gift for travelers. For an average cost of $60, the Instax mini camera is a fun and exciting way to take pictures different from a smartphone or camera. It’s a pretty good gadget to have as it is easy to use and affordable. It’s a camera a family on a trip can enjoy using. The pictures come out in Polaroid which is pretty great additions to collages/montages.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: “polaroids, who uses that these days?” Well, for occasions as special as a trip overseas, capturing moments in Polaroids strengthens the spirit of traveling.

Do the pictures fade? If you’re using the Instax mini camera, this certainly means it uses a Fujifilm Instax film. These prints can be stored digitally as well. However, your traveler friend doesn’t need to worry about the quality of the pictures; they rarely fade, especially when shielded from daylight at the moment of capture.


2. Solar Power Bank

Power banks are great, but a solar power bank; those are tremendous! Imagine having a power source that doesn’t need electricity to recharge. Yes, these are what solar power banks provide: a charge-on-the-go function. This is such a great gadget to have on a trip, especially on a very long journey. You’re probably wondering how they work. Well…

Solar power banks have photovoltaic panels that draw energy from sunlight to trickle-charge its internal battery. To cut the story short, solar power banks recharge through sunlight. Imagine handing this precious gadget to a friend traveling to the tropics. Such a gift would be greatly appreciated.

For an average price of $40, solar power banks are an absolute steal. What’s more: these beautiful gadgets have high battery capacity, are portable, and most have more than one USB charging port. Also, you don’t have to place your solar power bank in the sun. By simply having it on you during the daytime, its solar panels produce electricity, totally unregulated. Isn’t that awesome? Cop one for your awesome traveler friend today.


3. Bluetooth Headphones

This is a really good gift because it’s super nice to have headphones that don’t have wires. With wired headphones, you constantly have to be cautious of the wires so they don’t get caught on anything. This is really stressful for travelers who have to carry around a piece of big luggage. Bluetooth headphones just hang on your ears unperturbed by the hustling and bustling of travel.

The entry-level for these beauties is about $30-$60, so this is a pretty affordable gift to get for your travel-crazed friends. Bluetooth headsets are also super safe. In fact, because they connect to your cell phone from a distance, the risk of radiation is greatly reduced. Bluetooth headsets don’t use data coverage; it’s a simple plug and play device. Imagine combining this gift with solar power banks. Your traveler friends are sure to thank you for it.

4. Travel Adapter

Another great device to have when traveling is a travel adapter. Why, because different countries have unique power systems too. Going there unprepared can really become troublesome when trying to charge your mobile devices. With a travel adapter, you can plug in your chargers in whatever power system is presented to you at your travel destination.

Also known as a European converter adapter, a travel adapter fits plugs into wall sockets, regardless of the shape, type, or size. A travel adapter is a simple plug and socket built into one device. This is the sort of device that you buy once and have for life. What’s more, you can plug a power strip into a travel adapter, as long as it can handle the current the power strip can handle. Travel adapters are considered safety devices—yeah, they’re super safe.


5. Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

What better gift than an internet device you can use on the go. Staying connected to the world wide web is essential, most importantly on travel. Instead of having your travel buddies go to a different country and hope for quality internet, you can give them a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that keeps them connected to the internet all the time.

There are two types of portable Wi-Fi hotspots that make sense for traveling expeditions. The first requires a local data sim and the other uses prepaid data plans, all depending on the destination country’s internet plans. Giving your travel buddies a portable hotspot device keeps them prepared on their trip.

Those were our 5 gift ideas for a traveler, let us know in the comments section if you have any other gift ideas we did not cover in this article.


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