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Good Guys vs Bad Boys

At some point in your life, you’ve probably wondered, “what do women want?” That old debate of good guys vs bad boys. Well, you don’t have to be confused anymore, here’s why.

All men fall into one of two categories: good guys or bad boys. Which gets the girl? It’s not a very straight answer, is it? But here’s a try; girls want the ideal man; a man who can be a nice guy and a bad boy at the same time.

But as the saying goes… Nice guys finish last.

Women often say they need a nice guy. But why do they always end up dating the bad boys? There are plenty of reasons why women fall prey to bad boys; we’re discussing them all. We’ll also be giving tips on how to rock a bad boy attitude and still be good deep down.

Why Ladies Love Bad Boys

It doesn’t matter how many women you’ve dated, you can never really figure out what she wants. Women love to explore, and that is evident in the types of people that they date. They prefer to date a certain type of person, and when they get bored, try the exact opposite. We can’t blame them for this confusion; women get chased by guys all the time.

So, how do you fit in? Well, it’s no brainer that you’re reading this article because you’re a nice considerate guy. You’re probably wondering why women don’t want you as much. It’s because women are naturally attracted to what we call “bad boys”. Eventually, women will feel insecure and settle for someone who will stick around when she needs him–in other words, a nice guy.

But why do women fall for bad guys in the first place? We know why:



1. Bad Boys bring drama:

Ladies seem to looooove drama! They may not admit to it, but deep down, they love it. Why, because it makes them feel alive. Women get bored easily. Nice guys just don’t provide enough excitement. Women talk a lot about being safe in a relationship, but speaking honestly from experience, they prefer roller coaster ride relationships because those leave memories.

2. Bad Boys Bring Excitement: 

Bad boys love to take risks. They are adventurers. They have a way of taking women out of their comfort zone. Most times, no one wants to leave their comfort zone. But having someone who pushes you to explore new things leads the way to a more fulfilling life. Nice guys don’t stand a chance.

3. Bad Boys Turn Up:

There is never a dull moment with bad boys. They are eccentric and love to party. Women love to be around bad boys because they are fun to be with. Nice guys make good partners and that’s about it. They’re not that exciting.

4. Bad Boys are Sexual Explorers:

Well, this may not be true of all the bad boys out there. But many of them are actually pretty good in bed. They tend to have wild sexual fantasies that they aren’t afraid to try out in bed. A young woman needs lofty heights of sexual experiences; this gets them excited.

5. Bad Boys Have Great Fashion Sense:

This is what makes bad boys bad boys. They have a fantastic dress sense. Bad boys know how to mix up their attires to look ‘rad’ all the time. There is something unapologetic about a bad boy’s fashion sense that turns the ladies on.

You Can Still Be a Nice Guy

If you’re bothered about being neglected as a nice guy, don’t; it’s really temporary. A woman may be attracted to a bad boy now, but sooner than later, she’ll realize that she needs a good guy. What are the traits of good guys that women adore, and how can you mix that up with your bad boy attitude? We’ll show you how:

1. Good Guys Reduce Drama:

Drama is all well and good. However, when it drags on for too much, it can turn a relationship toxic. A good guy knows when enough is enough. He can identify when the drama is spiraling out of control. A good guy can temper his emotions, words, and actions. This is why ladies always run back to good guys after a bad boy breaks their heart.

2. Good Guys are Empathic:

While going on adventures is great, a bad boy doesn’t really care about your enjoyment. He goes on adventures to appease his own ego. Good guys, however, are always vested in your interests. They check with you first before embarking on such adventures and afterward ensure you have a great time.


3. Good Guys give good advice:

Bad boys love to take risks, but some risks aren’t just worth taking. A good guy is intelligent enough to let you know when you should take a gamble and when not to. They are fully vested in your dreams and vision. Bad boys don’t really care.

4. Good Guys Stay:

Women date bad boys and feel bad when it doesn’t work out. Bad boys are often that way; they can end a relationship at any time, without reason. This makes bad boys harder for women to hold onto. A good guy, however, will not only promise to stay, but he will also indeed stay.

5. Nice Guys are Passionate In Bed:

Bad boys are all about the sex. Good guys love sex too, but they make really love to women rather than just stick it in. Good guys don’t only fulfill their own sexual fantasies, they try to realize the woman’s fantasies first.

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Final Thoughts

So which ones get the girl and comes on top: Good guys vs bad boys? Without a doubt, you can be a bad boy and a good guy. In fact, we advise it. The best way to rock a woman’s world–any woman–is to be a little bit of both. If you’re a bad boy, try to be nice; and if you’re a good guy, loosen up a little. Give your woman a piece of both worlds.

That’s a wrap for those wondering who comes on top: Good guys vs bad boys.

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