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Night Out: Best Tips For An Awesome Time

So you are in for a night out with the guys. The curiosity of what the night ahead has in store for you is getting a spark. A fun conversation is leading to a potential adventure later on. The excitement, adrenaline, and yes testosterone levels are rapidly increasing. And that spark is only growing stronger and stronger by the minute. You are probably thinking to yourself “Oh the memories that will be created tonight. Tonight will be EPIC!”.

Several hours later you are in your bed alone and regretting spending that money going out. And pretty much regretting almost every aspect of your night out for that matter. The same night out routine, same people, same places, and finally the same outcome.

Yet, men will most likely do it all over again. Don’t feel bad, we are guilty as well and this is what we have found…

Be On The Right Mindset

As discussed in Best Morning Rituals: Having An Awesome Day, being on the right mindset is critical for thinking your day or any event ahead. In fact, it should be the foundation for even wanting to have a night out. Just because you had a long week/day at work is not a really good reason for going out. Nor it should be treated as a release to your own stress. While it might help distract, it will not address the stress. Those negative emotions will continue to be there and will unconsciously and without awareness show in your energy while you are out.

The real reason you have a night out is that you want to create memories with those close to you and those who will become close to you. A night out should always be a celebration for something. It doesn’t have to be big and significant. Meaning, it does not have to be a promotion or raise otherwise you might be hibernating for a while. The secret is to find a reason to celebrate, whether is simple or major. And if you need ideas to celebrate, then how about simply being grateful for what you have? Or having awesome friends? Or simply be able to enjoy life? Sometimes the simplest reasons are the most important. Happiness is a mindset/emotion. Focus on that.

This will ensure you are in the right mindset before going out. You effectively will start to set up yourself and the night out ahead for success.

Don’t Over Plan

Yes, men like to be in control. But the truth is that life simply happens. We are not saying go out on a whim all the time. Some planning is beneficial to an extent. It will at least give you and your buddies an idea of what you want to do and/or what area of town to focus. The rest leave it to the direction of the wind and destiny.

The reason why we suggest avoid extensively planning is simply because life happens. And when we have a detailed vision of how the night out will unfold we are letting disappointment or negative emotions be that realistic. It only takes one single change in your plans to follow a domino effect on the rest of your night. Be flexible and do not have strict expectations on how the night will unfold. Think of it much like surfing, you read and ride the wave.

For those familiar with surfing, and if you are not you will still understand, you cannot control nature. And there is beauty in simply learning to read the ocean and follow its natural forces. It will organically provide you with an amazing ride.


Finally, when you understand this concept then enjoying each moment for what it is will be your best plan for a night out.

Do NOT Have an Agenda

This is very much related to over planning. Having an agenda will only serve to limit the possibilities and/or adventures the night might have in store for you. Especially for men, this is such a failure factor when going out at night with your friends. We as men, generally speaking, tend to go out with our friends with one agenda: Find and hook up with girls. Only to find yourself a few hours later in your bed all butt hurt and as mentioned before, regretting going out in the first place.


You Have Been Challenged - 100 Day Challenge

We as humans, especially men, do not focus enough on enjoying ourselves and celebrating the small things. Men on average do not spend nearly enough time on self-care or investing in their well-being, career, dreams, etc. But we do spend a lot of energy focusing on superficialities. And before you start throwing a fit, we are not implying avoiding girls. We are simply saying, learn to simply enjoy yourself and not focus on one specific task.

This doesn’t only apply to girls, your agenda could be anything. The point here is understanding that to have an awesome night out you must focus on yourself. And if you are not familiar with this concept of having no agenda when going out, and especially when out on a date, don’t worry we will cover that at a later article. It is a life changer when it comes to how you are perceived in a social setting and more importantly how it unfolds for you.

Make It a Priority To Enjoy YOURSELF

We know this might come across as selfish but there is a reason why you are going out at night: To have an awesome time. This doesn’t mean over impose your fun over others. Or ruining someone else’s night out just so you can have a good time. But rather, it means that fully and truly enjoying yourself alone will make your night out worth it. The energy and the money spent that comes with a night out should be reason enough to make it your night.


Sharing moments, laughs, stories, knowledge, and opinions are important in a social setting but learning to truly enjoy yourself in the process is the secret to coming home with a huge smile on your face. This will make any night out truly epic. And very much like having no agenda helps when it comes to women/dating, learning to truly enjoy yourself will come a long way too. You see, there is nothing more contagious and attractive than someone whose happiness is not dependent on something they can lose.

Someone whose happiness is so obvious that makes you wonder if they hold the secret to life.

This is the type of person that everyone wants to be around. And going back to the women conversation, this does not go unnoticed to them.

Be Social

Besides enjoying yourself, there is also another bottom line as to why you have a night out. And that is, unconsciously you want to either make those bonds with your friends stronger by sharing more time together and creating more memories or meet new people to expand your social network. If you are the introvert type, challenge yourself and try to socialize. Luckily for you, we have covered this topic here where you will find tips on how to network. Although it focuses more on the professional network, we suggest you navigate to the “The Power of Networking” section of the article. It provides tips on how to connect with others.

To us, the best kind of night out is that which solidifies those bonds with your friends by sharing new memories and you come home with an even bigger group of friends. This time new friends. And hopefully, new friends that can provide substance to your life. Make you grow and learn new things. Everyone holds a different piece of the puzzle. We are in this together, enjoy life together and share those moments together.



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