Travelling Essentials And Tips For Men

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Gentlemen welcome aboard Modern Man Advice flight 777 bound for excellence. If you are familiar with our content you are aware of our passion and love for traveling. We advocate for it, it is simply one of the best investments you can make for yourself. The more you travel and explore the world, the better picture you have of what means to be a modern man. What it means to be gifted this world for us to live in and our roles as men in society. But don’t take our word for it, you have to experience it for yourself. We will go over travelling essentials and tips specifically tailored for the modern man such as yourself.

Before we take off, please turn off your phone as it may interfere with your brain. Be sure your seat backs are in the upright and locked position, your tray table is put away, and all carry on items are securely stowed.


Destination Unknown

There are two parts of this section:

1) The destination is not important – It really does not matter where you go, as long as you GO. Meaning, as long as you push yourself out of your bubble and comfort zone, then point B is irrelevant. We are not saying that traveling to a place you are not interested in getting to know is not important. Quite the contrary, what are your top 5 destinations you want to visit and explore? (Tell us in the comments section) It is important to explore places you feel a strong desire and curiosity for. Everyone has different interests and tastes, hence why have an array of colors and flavors. No need to agree or disagree. But the point is, don’t lose sight of why you are traveling.


2) But researching your destination is important – You have a destination in mind, you bought the flight ticket. What happens now? Well naturally wait until the departure date but also let the excitement draw a smile in your face. Let it fill your soul. Simply surrender to your emotions. In the meantime, research the destination you soon will be exploring. What type of climate is it? What’s the weather going to be like during your stay? We would even go as far as suggesting when is the best season to be at your destination.

I personally never travel unless I know it’s a season I will be photographing the crap of and feel like dancing on the street on. I learned the hard way when I traveled to Thailand during the summer season and as much as it was such a deep experience, couldn’t help to think how much more I would have enjoyed it would it hadn’t been 100+ Fahrenheit.


Consider The Type And Length Of Trip

Now we are getting to the core of this article, travelling essentials. To really strategically plan your travelling essentials so you can travel with easy you need to know the type and length of your trip. If you are like most mortals with regular jobs you only have so much PTO before you find yourself in the negatives. If you are on the more fortunate spectrum of life where you can travel as much and for as long as you want then this conversation will slightly change (and congrats for it).

Having said that, what is the purpose of your trip? Perhaps, you are traveling for a destination wedding (those are super fun). Or travelling with your significant other and create memories. Or perhaps traveling solo and checking off your bucket list. The type is important as it will determine the kinds of activities you will most likely be doing during your trip. It will also determine what essentials, wear, etc are an absolute must vs commodities and preferential.

Likewise, the length of the trip. For shorter vacations, you simply want to be minimal and practical. No need to bring large luggage for a weekend trip to Miami. Or even a two-week trip to Japan. We are big advocates of simplicity and practicality. Carrying and having to worry about large size luggage just chips energy and time out of your trip. Not to mention, you will have to check it and you might the lucky winner of lost luggage.


How To Keep It Simple And Still Look Your Best

In this sense, it is wise to plan ahead. Clothes that not only can be worn twice (or three times if you want to push it), but that also can be easily matched with other items in your carry on are ideal. In our “The Modern Man: Traveling Solo” article we mentioned this briefly but let’s go ahead and break this down.

Traveling light means flexibility. And flexibility provides room for adventures and unexpected experiences. Being able to have a handful number of items translates into a small carry on, preferably a backpack. You can literally walk from beach to beach, mountain to mountain or neighborhood to neighborhood and not worry about dragging a suitcase around. But this does not mean you have to look like a homeless person. This might actually prevent you from locals or other travelers approaching you and making connections. You can still look good and feel good with only a handful number of clothing items.


A quick tip: Start from the bottom aka shoes. Plan your outfits based on the two pair of shoes you will be wearing for your trip.


Travelling Essentials Tailored For Men

What do we suggest?

We recommend only taking 2 items of each clothing piece, except underwear and socks. Two pair of pants, and DO have a pair of jeans be one of those two items. Jeans are extremely versatile and durable. Plus let’s be honest who has ever looked bad in a pair of jeans, right? As far as shirts, you are safe with two but a third one doesn’t hurt. Especially if there won’t be a laundry facility nearby where you’ll stay. Most times there is one and for more rural parts, well they wash their clothes somehow, right?

In the northern part of Thailand, I was able to find a lovely 50-year old lady that was happy to do a wash for you for a few bahts. Or even better, you have two hands (hopefully) and they can also wash.

Shoes – they are important. And comfort does not necessarily mean unappealing, especially nowadays where you can find a pair of great looking shoes with plenty of support.

Our recommendation: The Adidas Ultraboost

The other pair can be more dressy, but again it depends on the type of trip so judge accordingly.

Hygiene Is a Different Conversation

As far as underwear, well please do not be stingy. Hygiene is very important and we typically recommend using a fresh pair for every single day you are out. Do not reuse.

Our recommendation: Saxx Underwear w/ BallPark Pouch (The keyword here is BallPark Pouch, they keep you cojones feeling fresh, comfortable, and in heaven. Your cojones will thank you)

Finally, do we really need to talk about deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrush, etc? You got this part.

A quick tip: Don’t be shy to be modern and powder your balls. The feeling is amazing, the ladies will thank you. Get Chassis, it’s a game changer in men personal hygiene.

Accessories Are Important

We believe in accessorizing. It can step up your look and accentuate different parts of your body like you hangs (rings).

For stylish watches check out our good friends at Vincero, here.

Do NOT forget a nice pair of sunglasses. Not only it protects your eyes but I mean come on, do we really need to justify this one?

Our recommendation: William Painter – The Hook Titanium Polarized ‘Classic’ Sunglasses or any of the other styles that suit your face type. Simply read the review. Period.

Let’s Wrap It Up, Literally

Now you have your travelling essentials. Let’s pack. The best method of packing is not folding. The best method is rolling your clothes. This saves so much space. Here is a video of how to roll up by Go Experimental. Once you learn this technique you’ll be ready to start rolling Cuban cigars. You’re welcome.

Here is another useful video by Real Men Real Style

Quick tip #1
: Tired of messy and tangled cables? We know we are. Try this product and thank us later.

Quick tip #2: Don’t forget a portable charger for your phone. After all, it is almost an extension of your body these days. Try this product, let us know what you think.


Your Next Flight Leaves Right Now

Welcome to Modern Man Advice and thank you for flying with us. We hope you have an amazing trip.

You have your travelling essentials. You are now traveling like a pro.



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8 thoughts on “Travelling Essentials And Tips For Men”

  1. My journey through this post is one very interesting one I’d love to go through over and over. I’ve been someone who doesn’t really give much credits to what I wear in any occasion actaull, until I travel to Russia for a business trip. Unfortunately for me I left with very light clothings, on getting there I was welcomed with by severe cold climate. Since then I’ve been “traveling” around various post relating to travelling and outfits. I’m however excited to have touched down on this post. Thanks for this really vital trip. 

    1. Hi Dane

      Thanks for sharing that. We always recommend traveling light. But more importantly, always doing research of where you are going. It is absolutely not the same traveling to Russia than it is for Hawaii. Regardless of the climate, you can always be lighter and smarter about what you carry than usual.

      Before, I always used to noticed I took unnecessary outfits or things, and thought to myself “hmm well at least these pair of shoes got to fly around the world, you’re welcome” haha


      Modern Man Advice

  2. Being a traveler your post means a lot to me and I got great insights from your post.

    The destination is not important & Searching your destination is important – It’s an eye-opener for me and those wise words made me think deeply.

    I need to reduce the number of clothes I take while I travel (I take 5 to 6 sets pants & Shirts and 2 sets of nightclothes).

    Great advice and your post is a must-read for every traveler. I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented. It’s been a great experience and a nice trip with Modern Man Advice Flight 777.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi Paul

      Thank you for flying with us, it has been a pleasure serving gentlemen like yourself. 

      I hope you are able to use many if not all of the tips we have listed. Flexibility and comfort go a long way when traveling. Remember, it is all about the type of trip you will be taking so plan accordingly. But having said that, generally speaking, the lighter you travel and more efficient you become packing your essentials and bag the better experience you will have before, during, and after. 

      Please let us know in the comments section what other travel advice you would like to read more on!


      Modern Man Advice

  3. I have had a very educative trip, though the flight was long but it was quite fun…lol…This is a very engaging blog post and I hoped I had more to read. I am a travel person and I just loved  all the tips I got for travelling…I’ll be sure to make use of them….About five places where I’d like to travel to, Buenos Aires Argentina, Himalayan region, Dubai, NewYork(Maybe), South Africa. Thanks for a great post, I’ll be back again.

    1. Hi Jackson!

      We are thrilled you enjoyed our content and tips. If you go to Buenos Aires, make sure to visit Boca (caminito alley or callejon and La Bombonera if you are a soccer fan). La Boca has amazing street art and steakhouses. Argentinians are known for their amazing laid-back lifestyle, good red wine, and steak. New York is amazing but can be overwhelming, but still a must-see place at least once in your lifetime. For Dubai, just bring lots of money! South Africa is amazingly beautiful but right now going through a lot of political changes and social challenges so be careful. 

      Please let us know what other Travel articles/content you would like to read through the comments section.


      Modern Man Advice

  4. My wife gets mad at me because I’m so analytical and I question everything. I wonder if it’s because of my time in the military. I want to make sure I know where we are going, what we are doing, what supplies I need and for how long. I know she would love the type of “go with the flow” traveling this article seemed to mention but I would admit that it would get me out of my comfort zone. I had a little difficulty accepting the part about only bringing two pairs of clothes for certain trips, but I can understand it if you need to pack light for certain trips. Perhaps I’ll try something like this in the not too distant future

    1. Hi Ibrahim

      Absolutely, it really depends on the type of trip. It isn’t as much as “go with the flow” but rather be comfortable so that you can focus on actually enjoying the trip rather than the logistics behind it.

      Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions at


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